Nhlanzi! Langa! Mafu! Nhliziyo!
As above….so below….

The God of Seas
The God of Skies
Of all that is seen and unseen
Through the eyes of the soul
He is the Alpha and the Omega

Celestial and Terrestrial
All bow before Him, His Majesty!
The One Crowned with a ring of
The Masculine Sun, shrouded by the Feminine Moon and the brilliance of Stars
In the night Sky

He is for all eternity
All that we have come to know
The Beginning and the End….

From the swift Birds of the Air that we breathe
To the abundant Fish in the deep blue seas
He brings forth clouds pregnant with precious water to heal the parched soil
As He calls upon the fertile Earth
To bring forth crops and trees
For which mankind shall all his days toil

Boldly, He walks upon the land with those whom He blesses
Humans and other Beings who manifest His wisdom
For it is only in those whose hearts are pure that He shall dwell
This we know only so well

Indeed He is the Lord Most High
To His Sons and Daughters
Who sing His praise
Indeed as they are worthy of His Grace
He is Our Father and Our Creator
The Lord of All Hosts, The Lord Most High

As with the Four Elements and the Holy Entities He is all encompassing
He is more than the Universe
Indeed, He is the Light
He is above all else, the Source

He is

Through Him all things are made
And through Him all things shall return
Forever and ever
It shall be and it is so…

The Egyptian Queen
The Nubian Diva
The Butterfly Soul
She writes again……


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