Butterfly Swings

Have you ever heard of Butterfly Swings?

Listen to my tale, I’ll share with you a few things

They are known to be as dainty as Fairies
But some are just quite contrary….
They are as light as Air
As they float so lazily, way up There!

Have you ever seen these Butterfly Swings?
Hush, they are dancing in the Blue summer Sky
Yes, yes they fly so High
Now, close your eyes and I’ll sing you a good lullaby

See how they greet you with their warm and cheerful smile
As you bask in the rays of the gold’n Sunshine!

Have you indeed not seen these precious Beings?
They are a pure delight to behold
Yes, for truth be told
They are purity sublime, as they boldly shake the Hands of Time
Come what may, I know they are surely Mine
Those beautiful Butterfly Swings!


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