Jumping Jupiter, Zeus Saturn and Venus

Rising Aries and Aqurius

On the Cusp of descending Capricorn

She is complex infusion of the twin Gemini

With the firmness of formidable Taurus

Holding the poisonous sting of deadly Scorpion 🦂

Reflections of our times

It’s Holy Week….take time to know why.
I asked my son to study History and Afrikaans, he chose to do so and added AP Maths and Art in addition to the other Sciences he’s doing. Take time to reflect….the answers will reveal themselves below.

“Our souls are older than our bodies….” – that’s not found in school text books, took me 40 years to unravel that thread. It might shock those of you who have different opinions and believe that a soul lives once and that your current lifetime is the only life your soul has lived….I won’t argue with that, it took me a while to come to understanding that too. The soul is incarnate, the body is not. Hence the physical and metaphysical. We are mortal (hosts) containing immortal beings (souls).

That can explain partially the sensitivity I feel at full moon, it awakens the part of me that is not physical and I have allowed it to be that way as through doing so my thoughts are elevated to a higher level than what I know if we’re to sleep.

If you don’t believe in soul reincarnations or it’s against your belief system. Please don’t read further. I will not take offence. I’m merely sharing thoughts which need an it let and at 02:50 am, an objective platform and audience.

It’s not anything sinister or sanitic, I don’t delve in that world, besides Satan is the ego which we all carry and how powerful your ego is may hive rise to a lot of negative aspects of your nature. I constantly challenge my ego defences when I sense they are taking root.

For a while now, I have tuned into listening to my thoughts and embracing my intuition more. As an Empath, it’s not difficult, however those who are vibrating at different frequencies, want to see proof of my intuitive gifts. (Yawn……..waste of time really). How can they ever experience their metaphysical self when they are invested in gratification of their ego?

I connect with the lessons that occur when I embrace my intuitive self, this I realised is what is extremely active during the full moon and even corresponds with my monthly cycle. It may explain why so many women were burnt at the stake for false accusations of witchcraft. I wonder how many men suffered the punishment of being called wizards for casting spells?

What go we go when we pray? –

For years now I have put my insomnia down to full moons…the light disturbs my sleep, even though my curtains have blocking, my body still senses the night “sun”.

As I try to find sleep, I come across a well-written article written by a Black Woman who is within the rank and file of a 105 year old exbaby. Who is this ancient baby? Why the ruling elitist party of course. Old….that’s how long they have existed as a body, baby…… well, something tells me they are regressing. They have lost their functionality and need to be returned to the manufacturer. How can they not be sent back to their maker?

Their purpose is being questioned all across Africa, their very fabric is torn and tattered….threads are weaker than before
Threadbare carpet
Tonight I chatted so someone who sells linen….Egyptian cotton! (She named the thread count and I was in my element). Egypt 🇪🇬 my soul’s first home!

The ruling party shall be sent to account for it’s ways when it makes its way back through the eye of the needle…..if it passes through the seas and rivers, memories will be lost. That’s the significance of child birth, padding through the birth canal, soengibg time in the womb which is “water/sea” is to erase the memories of the past lives of the soul.

It’s ironic that one of the last remaining beacons of the ruling party was laid to rest days before the baby was brought to its knees…..(something tells me it is significant).

How many people know that the 7 April 2017 was a commemoration of the The soul of the party has

I didn’t study Politics or Sociology to become a Psychologist, in fact I studied Psychology to be a better Politician and Sociologist.

Sometime this year I mused that I was better at Politics and Sociology than Psychology and have met people who have told me that Psyholocy is a poor cousin in the family of Social Sciences. I laughed this off as I thought it didn’t make sense there’s no such thing as a “better science”. Each brings about a unique lens with which to gain perspective. One can master all the sciences of the world and still not be satisfied with their knowledge or insight. Why?

Because they are limited by their exposure and boundaries that are physically defined by others. We learn from what others share and what is deemed reliable by those who deem such knowledge as valid to be taught en masse.

Yet what about the unknown and hidden knowledge which is deemed “occult” and labeled as “dark/evil” because of the limitations placed by those who fear their authority being challenged? A body of people who sit and decide the fate of others based on “tried and tested” approaches, that have passed through generations….

What a pity. Do you really want to know why this Homy Week is Good Friday in the Christian world?

Your answer is:
Looks like the lemmings are all around not just outside the political structures but also within.

Tell me something, if your spacesuit no longer serves its purpose are you at liberty to discard it? Is this not what death is like – when the soul has come to its decision to leave the body? Death is not accidental, it’s planned. The soul contacts up front the days it spends in its host, it’s a contract. The human host upon remembering the contract is given a choice to extend or terminate.

Same thing with being a member of a political party. If the party no longer serves its ideals and delivers to its members and ultimately citizens, why is it difficult to leave the host?

ANC your soul is trapped in your cancerous body, you have multiplied your cells higher than any virus known to man, Africa is decaying whilst we watch. As the party that united Africa for over 82 years and brought light into people’s hearts (1994). It took just 23 years to bring that legacy to ruins…..

Butterfly Swings

Have you ever heard of Butterfly Swings?

Listen to my tale, I’ll share with you a few things

They are known to be as dainty as Fairies
But some are just quite contrary….
They are as light as Air
As they float so lazily, way up There!

Have you ever seen these Butterfly Swings?
Hush, they are dancing in the Blue summer Sky
Yes, yes they fly so High
Now, close your eyes and I’ll sing you a good lullaby

See how they greet you with their warm and cheerful smile
As you bask in the rays of the gold’n Sunshine!

Have you indeed not seen these precious Beings?
They are a pure delight to behold
Yes, for truth be told
They are purity sublime, as they boldly shake the Hands of Time
Come what may, I know they are surely Mine
Those beautiful Butterfly Swings!


Nhlanzi! Langa! Mafu! Nhliziyo!
As above….so below….

The God of Seas
The God of Skies
Of all that is seen and unseen
Through the eyes of the soul
He is the Alpha and the Omega

Celestial and Terrestrial
All bow before Him, His Majesty!
The One Crowned with a ring of
The Masculine Sun, shrouded by the Feminine Moon and the brilliance of Stars
In the night Sky

He is for all eternity
All that we have come to know
The Beginning and the End….

From the swift Birds of the Air that we breathe
To the abundant Fish in the deep blue seas
He brings forth clouds pregnant with precious water to heal the parched soil
As He calls upon the fertile Earth
To bring forth crops and trees
For which mankind shall all his days toil

Boldly, He walks upon the land with those whom He blesses
Humans and other Beings who manifest His wisdom
For it is only in those whose hearts are pure that He shall dwell
This we know only so well

Indeed He is the Lord Most High
To His Sons and Daughters
Who sing His praise
Indeed as they are worthy of His Grace
He is Our Father and Our Creator
The Lord of All Hosts, The Lord Most High

As with the Four Elements and the Holy Entities He is all encompassing
He is more than the Universe
Indeed, He is the Light
He is above all else, the Source

He is

Through Him all things are made
And through Him all things shall return
Forever and ever
It shall be and it is so…

The Egyptian Queen
The Nubian Diva
The Butterfly Soul
She writes again……

one day my soul opened up

I have no words

I am no more

Yet I’m still here

Breathless charm all wound up in this mortal body

But what of me remains when I depart?

Will I still see the stars or will I be amongst their brilliance?

Will I become a celestial body orbiting space for all eternity?

What will become of me….

The day I depart from this journey?

When will I be free of this existence or it be rid of me?

Have I been born to witness the suffering of humanity or am I here to cure its ills?

Who knows when that fateful day will come

When my soul will open up and be set free?